Fence Energizers

Customers often ask, "How do I know which Energizer to buy?" 

Even to those that have experience with electric fencing, this can be a quandary as there are so many energizers to choose from. Most energizer models are differentiated by miles or acreage ratings. When in fact it is the joule rating that is the important factor. What is a joule? - simply, a joule is a unit of energy. Joules can be rated as stored joules or output joules. 95% of energizer manufactures tell you stored joules but more important are output joules, the energy going out to your fence. We sell energizers that tell you output joules.

A rule of thumb is for every 1 mile of electric fence line have at least 1 joule output. Then add a joule for fudge factor (growth on line or possible shorts).

Tests have shown that units rated by stored joules can have as little as ½ that in output joules. It is like buying a tractor, you can buy an 80 horse power tractor but what is coming out the PTO can be as much as 10 percent less horse power.

When deciding on the correct energizer for your needs determine the total length of line. If running multiply lines be sure to multiply the footage of the run by the number of lines. Example: you are installing 2,500 ft. of fencing with 2 lines of electric = 5,000 ft. of electric line. This is almost a mile (5,280ft. = 1 mile) of fence line. Based on 1 output joule for every mile plus 1 joule for fudge factor you would require a 2 joule unit.

Hope this is helpful. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to call us at 800-822-5426 or email info@cameofencing.com

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