Guide: How to Install Electric Fence for Horses

Installation Instructions for Electric Line Fence

Maxi Grunt – Maxi Braids

End & Corner posts - treated wood, 3 to 4 inch round or square - 7 to 8 ft. long.

  • a 60 lb. bag of ready mix cement is recommended for each post hole
  • this is all that is needed when using Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braids

Line Posts - Your choice of post - vinyl, metal t-post, wood flex posts

  • pull a line of heavy string between end posts or end post and corner post no more than 2 feet off the ground. Do one straight line at a time. Use this line as a guide to set your posts.
  • space posts 12 to16 ft. apart.
  • cement not required.

Mark your posts for insulators - not necessary if using pre-drilled vinyl post

  • wood posts - take a length of wood and mark for number and spacing of lines, use this as your guide for marking line posts. Install insulators at mark.
  • t-posts are marked, determine spacing and install insulators for number of lines

Take the end of line - starting at the first line post past end post, feed the line through the insulators and corner/end insulators at corner posts as you walk the line to the end post.

  • a person holding the roll on a round dowel to let the line unroll freely is helpful
  • Note - wrap end of Maxi Braids with tape or touch with flame.

At end post - feed the line through the corner/end insulator or insultube.

  • as line goes around the insulator wheel bring it back to itself.
  • install connector - see diagram and/or images below

Go back to starting post - cut line long enough to go around the corner/end insulator and come back to itself.

  • as one person pulls the line tight a second person attaches connector and tightens it on the line - cut off excess line and staple end to post, for neatness (see image below)
  • follow this procedure for each line.

Electric connection - take coated underground wire and cut piece a few inches longer than the spacing between lines. Strip back the coating on both ends about 4 to 5 inches. (see images below)

  • twist one end of the wire around one line 3 to 4 times
  • take other end of wire to the next line and do the same. Repeat to connect all lines
  • the power connector will do the same thing more easily.
  • Note: - a u-clamp should be used instead of twisting the wire onto all Maxi Braids.
  • the u-clamp goes over the line and the connecting wire is fastened between the nut and clamp. Using the clamp makes a better connection on the braid surface.

If you have questions – please call 800-822-5426