Guide: How to Install Electric Fence for Horses

Installation Instructions for Electric Line Fence

INITIAL SET UP: Using Maxi-Grunt, Cameo™ Fencing’s Electrified Line, install posts, corner collars, insulators, and string the Maxi-Grunt on each line. We suggest the top line, and second line up from the bottom to be the electrified lines.  This keeps the horse honest while also allowing him to graze along the bottom of the fence line.

End & Corner Posts - treated wood, 3 to 4 inch round or square - 7 to 8 ft. long.

  • a 60 lb. bag of ready mix cement is recommended for each post hole
  • this is all that is needed when using Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braids

Line Posts - Your choice of post - vinyl, metal t-post, wood flex posts

  • pull a line of heavy string between end posts or end post and corner post no more than 2 feet off the ground. Do one straight line at a time. Use this line as a guide to set your posts.
  • space posts 12 to16 ft. apart.
  • cement not required.

Mark your posts for insulators - not necessary if using pre-drilled vinyl post

  • wood posts - take a length of wood and mark for number and spacing of lines, use this as your guide for marking line posts. Install insulators at mark.
  • t-posts are marked, determine spacing and install insulators for number of lines


For a quick visual of all items and set-up, check out our “Fun Brochure” on under “More”. 

If you have questions – please call 800-822-5426


Prior to electric fence installation (Maxi-Grunt), gather the following materials:

  • MaxiGrunt, Cameo™ Fencing’s Electrified Line (measure your linear footage x number of lines)
  • End/Gate Post Insulator (1 per line per gate/end post)
  • Corner Collars (1 per line x number of corners)
  • Line Post Insulators (# of posts x the number of lines)
  • Electric Line Connectors (2 connectors per line)
  • U-Clamp (1 per line)
  • Grounds Rod T-Handle, 3
  • Ground Rod Clamps, 3
  • Solar OR AC power adapter
  • Underground Wire (measure distance from top line to stand with power adapter)
  • Gate Handle (if necessary)




  • First post, closest to Energizer: Set up your connections to the End/Gate Post Insulator, wrap Maxi-Grunt around the insulator wheel and bring it back to itself.  Connect the “two” lines using 2 electric line connectors.  You will repeat this for each end/gate insulator and line of Maxi-Grunt. Cut off excess line. Use electrical tape to wrap the loose end of the Maxi Grunt to itself (see images).
  • Connect lines with Underground Wire, cut a strip just slightly longer than the space between each maxi-grunt line.  Strip back the coating on the underground wire (about 4-5 inches), wrap around the Maxi Grunt line three to four times. Around this connection, secure with TWO U-clamps.  *On the line closest to the ground, keep the length long enough to reach your energizer (Cyclops AC or Solar).
  • Continuing the current when you have a gate, follow step two and run the wire underground (along the gate) and up to the next gate post; run the line up to connect each line of Maxi Grunt (follow step 2). NOTE: you do NOT need to create a “circle” for the electrical current to work.
  • Connect Underground wire to electric current. Use the End/Gate post closest to your energizer. From the line closest to the ground, run the underground wire to your energizer, allowing enough length to bury it underground.   Strip back 4-5 inches of coated covering and wrap around the fence terminal on your Cyclops unit (this may differ slightly on other AC or solar units).
  • Bury your Ground Rods. The end of each rod should be 6’ deep and each should be spaced 10’ apart.
  • Connect Energizer to Ground Rods. Cut a piece of underground wire long enough to reach your first buried ground rods, strip back 4-5” of coating and wrap around the rod, secure with a Ground Rod Clamp, and continue running and connecting the underground wire through to the last rod.
  • Assure all connections are tight and secure.
  • Plug charger into a 110v outlet.
  • Work with your horse to learn the boundaries your electric fencing has created.

For a quick visual of all items and set-up, check out our “Fun Brochure” on under “More”. 

If you have questions – please call 800-822-5426

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