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  • Style Avg price per ft
  • Vinyl Rail $15 - $20
  • Non-Climb $10 - $15
  • High Tensile $6 - $9
  • Board Fencing $15 - $22
  • Cameo Fencing $4 - $7

Safe Fence for Horses

Easy to Install Wire Fencing

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"Worth Every Nickel"

"This is absolutely wonderful fencing! Have had some up for almost 20 years with minimal spring fence work! Safe for my horses and no breaks if the deer pop it or a tree comes down in winter. Worth every nickel!!!"

Jean Freese-Popowitch, Feb 2022
Cameo Fencing Inc

Installation a Breeze

My daughter and I just completed the installation of my Cameo fencing. How easy! This is awesome fencing! Not only was the installation a breeze, but it looks great! Best horse fencing on the market!" Thanks!

Mark - Sheridan
Cameo Fencing Inc

Facebook Comment

"This stuff is amazing!" March 2022

Cameo Fencing Inc


I've had my Cameo Fencing for 19 years now

I've had my Cameo Fencing for 19 years now and am just now replacing parts of it!!! It's a Fantastic product. Customer Service is Excellent. Also, as far as safety for horses... I have a Belgian Draft horse that weighs 2000 lbs. One day I was taking down a tent in my arena and didn't notice that he was in the same area. It scared him so much that he decided to jump out of the arena and his back legs got stuck on the top strand and it stretched for quite a way and then snapped!!! When I retrieved him and checked him out I noticed that he was absolutely fine (except for a little nervous) and there was just a tiny bit of hair missing from his back legs. Never even touched the skin. Remarkable Product. Highly Recommend!

- Jane
Cameo Fencing Inc

People Want to Know Where I Purchased this Fence!

in my pasture for the last three years.  I couldn't have asked for a better product for my horses and my pasture.  I truly love Cameo Fencing.  It requires very low maintenance and it is very safe for my horses.  I have neighbors & people that are just driving by in their cars and have seen my fence and want to know where I purchased it from so that they can check into getting this fencing for their horses.

Cameo Fencing Inc

Love mine! Now installing my Daughters' Cameo Fence

I have had your fence for over 15 years and have been very happy with it. Now building one for my daughter.

Barry Belton, Battleboro NC
Cameo Fencing Inc

Online Review

"We LOVE it!!! The company was based in NC when we were doing our 100 acre horse farm. We used Creosote Boards, Diamond mesh and Square Deal horse fence in many areas and perimeter, but did a lot of larger and BIG pastures with the Cameo. 20 years later…and we have moved to Ok…the fence is still standing in NC and we have partial rolls we use on our farm in Ok. Our new farm in Texas will also be cross fenced with Cameo!! The trick is to use a good HOT top wire and bottom wire with 2 strands of Cameo for the center lines…that allows you to cross through the fence line as necessary without running to a gate, but keeps the horses honest and on their sides. Over the years we had several foolish young/race horses blast into the fence and never got so much as a hair out of place. The polyfence broke at a fastener (easily fixed) or simply stretched until the horse back away and then returned to its proper position. To most observers it “looks” like Hi-Tensil ( a fence I would NEVER use with horses) but was described to me by the manufacturer as a "Giant Fishing Line). It is a very good investment (downright cheap compared to many fences), SUPER safe for the horses and lasts. It was invented in Australia and tolerates sun and cold…doesn’t get brittle."

- as discovered on "The Chronicle of the Horse" Jan. 2017
Cameo Fencing Inc

Still in Place Through Harsh Temperatures

in the mid 90's. I have been very happy with the product. I still have most of the cameo still in place even with the harsh temperature changes in Michigan. I am going to be buying more soon, Great product. It kept our horses in for years and it's simple to replace.

Joel Mires
Cameo Fencing Inc

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