About Us

Why Cameo?

After installing fencing for over 20 years, I've seen the aftermath of a horse tangled in a smooth-wire, run through a board fence, or landed on top of a t-post. Lacerations, torn muscles, or broken bones are a nightmare. If you've been around horses long enough, I'm sure you have stories too. 

Nine times out of ten it is the horse who pays the price when it runs thought a fence. Horses are flight animals they don't turn to fight then threatened, they run... and they run fast! Ideally, there would be an affordable dance, to house our hordes, yet not injure them upon contact, right? 

What style fencing to use? 

In 2005, I had the opportunity to install fencing in Plant City, FL. A young lady, just starting out, needed a 2 acre paddock. Her first question was could we install a fencing material called Cameo. cameo Fencing is a white Monofilament Polymer Line. Monofilament Polymer is essentially a very thick fishing line. With no idea what she was talking about at the time - I told her we'd do it, and work by the house (I couldn't get burnt on the job and lose money). When we arrived, she already had all materials on-hand!

As we began, I was shocked and amazed at the ease of installing the fence. No heavy boards or rolls of wire to carry. No back-breaking work building H-braces or stretching non-climb. In 2 days, 2 guys installed Cameo Fence on a 2-acre pasture. 1 day to set poles, 1 day to install Cameo Line. Talk about a quick turn around (and a cheap bill!).

Safe, Simple, Affordable

Cameo fencing provides strength and safety, is while in color making it visible for your house, with a 1200lb breaking-strength per line! And it’s flexible – stretching 20% before breaking! Its flexibility eliminated the “cheese cutter effect” your horse experiences from high tensile fencing.

How does it look?

Clean, thin lines and a lack of H-Braces make an orderly, unblemished view into a beautiful pasture. After install, I stepped back and realized that not only was it easy to install but aesthetically pleasing. And most importantly, visible to the horse.

How do prices compare?

I’ve worked with customers who never glance at a price tag, and customers who budget every post in the ground. I’ve built board, non-climb, vinyl, and high-tensile fencing. If you’re on a budget, Cameo horse fencing is extremely cost effective. Especially when you don’t have the vet bills, the care and attention, or anguish, of dealing with a horse injury.

What customers are saying

I can see the value of this fence in that it will be more durable and safe than traditional wire fences, and that it will save me time and money over the years with far less maintenance needed. -Wendy, All Dreams Ranch