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Why Cameo™?

After installing fencing for over 20 years, we had seen the aftermath of horses tangled in smooth wires, run through board fences, or landed on top of t-posts. Lacerations, torn muscles, and broken bones are expensive, heart-wrenching nightmares - evidence of a complicated animal running up against the hard reality of a fence.

What if the opposite were possible? What if a fencing system was truly designed, for safety and security, around the qualities of a horse?

Horses are flight animals and pack animals. They are comforted when they can see each other. When they scare, they panic. They run fast, and they are sometimes stronger than we can imagine. A highly visible fence gives a horse a sense of security, but a horse also wants to see other horses. A fence must be strong - strong enough to withstand a falling tree from time to time - but it must not hurt a panicked flight-mode horse. Safety is essential.

The answer is a fence that is strong but flexible, visible but not overly intrusive. Durable, but also affordable, easy to install and modify. The answer to these questions, on any budget, is Cameo™.

Meeting Cameo™ for the First Time.

In 2005, we had the opportunity to install fencing in Plant City, Florida. A young lady, just starting out, needed a 2 acre paddock, and she heard some other horse people talking about an “amazing” new fencing material called Cameo™.

Being traditionalists, we were skeptical. How could this high-tech polymer possibly work as well, or be as durable and reliable, as our old standbys?

We agreed to to the job, we agreed to use Cameo™, and, to our surprise, we found she already had all the materials on hand! Cameo™ is light - a thousand-foot reel weighs only fifty pounds or so - and we had a blast installing it. No heavy boards or rolls of wire to carry. No back-breaking work building H-braces or stretching non-climb.

In two days, two of us installed Cameo™ Fence on her two-acre pasture. One day to set poles, one day to install Cameo™ Line. We got the job done faster than we could have imagined, and our client was thrilled with the affordability and beauty of the result.

Another of our clients’ horses was a bit of a loose cannon and had hurt himself repeatedly on other fences. After the install, the client pointed out that her horse seemed calmer with Cameo™. “Do you see how I can see my land? Do you see how I can see my horses? And they are much safer now.”

To make a long story short, we liked Cameo™ so much we bought the company.

As we began, I was shocked and amazed at the ease of installing the fence. No heavy boards or rolls of wire to carry. No back-breaking work building H-braces or stretching non-climb. In 2 days, 2 guys installed Cameo™ Fence on a 2-acre pasture. 1 day to set poles, 1 day to install Cameo™ Line. Talk about a quick turn around (and a cheap bill!).

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Safe, Simple, and Affordable.

Cameo™ fencing provides strength and safety. White in color and highly visible for your horse, (we also offer black winter ‘snow lines' upon request,) it has a 1200lb breaking strength per line

The secret of Cameo™ line is flexibility – it is tested to stretch over 20% before breaking. This flexibility eliminates the “cheese cutter effect” horses can experience from high tensile fencing. Horses simply back off it - and even when big trees land on Cameo™, it often recovers with just a minor tensioning pull.

Sure, “mending fences” is one of life’s realities, but Cameo™ makes it easy, and actually sort of fun.

In terms of cost, we urge you to do your own price analysis. You’ll be amazed at how Cameo™ compares with existing systems. Frankly, the comment we're always thrilled to hear is: "LESS expensive? I thought Cameo™ would be MORE expensive!"

And that's not even factoring in the ease and speed of Cameo™ installation! It's a win-win for you and your installers. In the end, fewer dollars spent on fences (and unnecessary vet bills) means more dollars can be spent on the more important things in life. Namely, horses!

How does Cameo™ look?

We believe looks are important, in horses as well as fences, and we are traditionalists. At the same time we are happy to notice how often the most staunch traditionalists, looking at one of our decades-old "high tech" fences, will exclaim “Hey! That’s Cameo™! Looks great!”

Clean, thin lines and a lack of H-Braces make for an orderly, unblemished view. Installers and owners report they sometimes step back when the work is done and marvel at the simple elegance of Cameo™.

After all, isn’t it the plainest of delights to admire the contours of your land and the beauty of your horses? It’s no wonder another of our most memorable customers, adding more Cameo™ onto an existing fence system, said “I keep my horses in pinstripes, not prison-stripes!” Sure, we love our fences, but we love our land and our horses even more, and we like to see as much of 'em as we can. gallery image

Pricing Your Horse Fence

We’ve worked with customers who never glance at a price tag as well as customers who budget every post in the ground. We’ve built board, non-climb, vinyl, and high-tensile fencing, and we’ve studied the various costs at length. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find Cameo™ horse fencing pleasingly affordable. We believe, in fact, that Cameo™ is the most affordable horse fencing option… Especially when you subtract the care, attention, anguish, and vet bills that come along with wire-related horse injuries.

We know you'll agree: there’s a lot to love when it comes to Cameo™.

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