CAMEO™ Horse Fencing Installation Instructions

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We recommend 5-6 lines of “CAMEO™” on posts spaced 12’ apart.  An alternative is 3 or 4 lines of “CAMEO™” in combination with 1 or 2 electric lines (MAXI GRUNT). Our white electric lines look like another line of “CAMEO™” from a distance, providing a clean looking fence.  The result is a fence that is always working, it has the strength to contain your horses and the electric to teach them to respect the fence. 

For Corner, End, and Gate post a 5” or 6” x 8’ round pressure treated post is recommended. 

For Line post we recommend 4" x 6' 6" round pressure treated wood posts. However, vinyl, metal or pvc work as well. 

***Our brochure provides a simple image of what this set up looks like. Click here to view the brochure!

horse fencing installation

CAMEO™” is held at the end and gate post using a ONE WAY VISE

            - Drill the end and gate post with a 9/16” drill bit where the “CAMEO™" lines will go.

            - Push the “CAMEO™” through the hole.

            -Slip on the ONE WAY VISE.  The jaw system automatically grips the “CAMEO™” line, preventing the line from slipping back.


fence installation

MAXI GRUNT (electric line) is held at the end and gate post using END/GATE POST INSULATOR and two (2) ELECTRIC LINE CONNECTORS

            -Drill a ½” hole about 3 inches into corner and end post where the electric line will go,

            -Screw in END/GATE POST INSULATOR

            -Wrap MAXI GRUNT around insulator and secure with two ELECTRIC LINE CONNECTORS.

***Our brochure provides a simple image of what this set up looks like. Click here to view the brochure! 

corner post insulators


            -Screw CORNER POST INSULATOR onto Corner post

line post insulators



            -Install line post brackets

After running all your lines of CAMEO™ and MAXI GRUNT, pull CAMEO™ hand tight through the one way vise at the end and gate post.  Then pull an additional 3% of line through the one way vise.  This assures proper tension on the line.  For MAXI GRUNT pull hand tight.  Do not over stretch the electric line, pull just enough that there are no “bellies” between line post. 


Setting Up Maxi-Grunt and Charger: 

***NOTE: these instructions suit our Cyclops A/C Charger, if you purchased a different charger, refer it's instructions for connections as well.

Find a dry location to mount your charger. Do not plug charger in until everything else is complete. 

1. Attach Underground Wire to black knob on Cyclops Charger  and run down to the three Ground rods, each spaced 6'-10' apart. 

2. Remove a small section of plastic wire coating from the underground wire and attach to each ground rod using Ground Rod Clamps

3. Attach a second piece of underground wire to red knob on charger. Run this wire to Maxi-Grunt (removing a small section of plastic wire coating) at each hot line of your fence.  Affix to Maxi-Grunt with U-Clamps.  

4.  Assure all connections are tight. 

5. Plug charger into a 110v outlet. 

***To view more detailed/printable electric installation instructions click here!

***Our brochure provides a simple image of what this set up looks like. Click here to view the brochure!