Cyclops Champ Solar, 5 Joule, Energizer Kit

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Kit has everything you need to get started EXCEPT a 12V deep-cycle marine battery. The box is handmade with PVC board and built to last. There is no higher-quality box on the market. 

Very high power output. Fence Load Detector.  Lightning-resistant with built-in heavy-duty Duty Surge Suppressor. It operates from a solar - 12V/DC battery current.

1. Cyclops BRUTE Electric Fence Charger /Energizer. A reliable and powerful energizer at 5 output joules of power.  A low impedance, 5 Joule, Solar Fence Charger. The low impedance means it will maintain a controlling voltage even when loaded with heavy vegetation. Very high power output.

All Cyclops Electric Fence Chargers have more lightning protection than any other chargers made.

  • Built-in Fence Load Detector.
  • Built-in lightning resistance with built-in Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor.
  • Operates on 12V/DC Battery current.
  • Requires six to nine 3ft ground rods. 
  • Proudly American Made.
  • One-year warranty. Extended Warranty Available

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