Maxi Grunt electric line - 660ft.

Maxi Grunt electric line - 660ft.

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Maxi Grunt is an affordable ¼“ diameter polyethylene line, containing 9 stands of 7 ml stainless steel wire for maximum conductivity. Because of its white exterior, it is both extremely visible and attractive. In addition, this line is highly durable--many current installations are over 10 years old. Quick and easy to Install, this is our most popular product. Maxi Grunt can be used in combination with Cameo fencing OR as a stand-alone fence.

If you are using Maxi Grunt in combination with Cameo fencing, we recommend installing 3 or 4 lines of Cameo with 1 or 2 lines of Maxi Grunt. The white electric lines look like another line of Cameo from a distance, providing a clean-looking fence.

Together these form a fence that is always working has the strength to contain your horses, and the charge to teach them to respect the fence.

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