Why do Horse Farms have Double Fences?

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What is double fencing?

A vertical post is placed in the middle of two rows of alternate horizontal panels to construct double-slat fence panels. This creates a fence panel with a standard horizontal slat on one side and a whole panel of vertical slats on the other. The slats' alterable positions give the fence panel the impression of being completely solid.

What are the benefits of double fencing?

While single-slatted fencing is a beautiful option in and of itself, many people select double-slatted due to a number of additional advantages.

  • Double-slatted, horizontal fences are best for maximizing privacy, which is their principal benefit. The majority of your garden's vision from the other side will be obstructed and because of this, it's a great solution for anyone who is concerned about security or whose homes are watched by unwanted visitors or a public road.
  • Double-slatted fencing could be a good option if your property is near a busy road or in the middle of a metropolis. This gives you the benefit of noise reduction by having a sturdy fence surrounding your space.
  • Additional defense and prevention come from double fencing.
  • The style is another motivation for selecting double-slatted fencing over conventional solid fence panels. Therefore, double-slatted fences are the ideal choice for anyone who desires the appearance and practical advantages of classic panels and slatted panels.
  • A controlled, enclosed environment for pets or farm animals is another significant benefit of double fences.

What is the difference between single and double fencing?

While installing fencing one of the most important decisions of whether it should be single-slated or double and for that one needs to know the real difference. The structure is the only real distinction between double and single-slatted fence panels. Single-slat wooden fencing features just one row of slats that are evenly spaced from the pillars. People can see through single fencing since they are widely spaced and only positioned on one side of a panel. Also, single-slat fencing panels let in a lot of light while partially preserving your property's view and this helps in bringing elegance and modernity to your outdoor spaces. Contrarily, double-slatted fence panels are nearly totally closed, minimizing visibility and light filtration. If you look very closely, you can see a little through the panels, but if you stand far away or even right up against the fence, you won't be able to look directly into a backyard or residence.


Why do horse farms have double fences?

Farmers prefer double fencing, where each paddock has its own fence with an alley in between. Especially when dealing with stallions and other important animals, double fencing is the most employed fencing. Also, sometimes a double fence and perimeter fence combination may be employed where human interaction with horses is prohibited, such as beside streets and the boundaries of private properties. Although double fencing is expensive, it offers an important level of security. It has several uses and some of the important reasons to consider double fencing for horse farms are:

  • Horses that jump one fence are still controlled, and cars that drive through the outer fence will likely be halted before they reach the second line.
  • Horses are prevented from interacting over a shared fence by double fencing between paddocks or fields, making it easy for farm equipment and vehicles to move around the land.
  • Horse herds may see one another while remaining segregated thanks to double fencing. Thus, fighting or sparring is avoided.
  • Additionally, it adds a second line of defense across roadways to guard against thrown-out trash, moving automobiles, and restless horses.
  • Where numerous horses gather or crowd one another, such as close to gates, feed/water stations, or shelters, strong, double fencing is employed to ensure security.
  • It is also used when the other side offers incentives like better grass or horse companions to keep them in the designated area.

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