Corner Post Assembly Tips

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Is there an easier way to building a secure end or corner post assembly for the foundation of your fence?


The ViceBITE 

The ViceBITE is a handy bracket invented in Australia.  It makes the building of a corner or end post brace assembly much easier, stronger and faster.

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Think of the end and corner posts as the foundation of your fence. Though using “CAMEO” or a “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt combination does not put the amount of stress on these posts as a wire fence such as a high tensile it is good to make sure these posts are secure. The way to do that is to brace the post using a smaller diameter post as a brace. We prefer the knee brace method over the “H” brace as it eliminates the use of a diagonal brace wire. 

To connect the end or corner post with the brace post The ViceBITE bracket has teeth that bite into the end post and brace post to make the installation secure and long lasting. 

Once the bracket is in position, a quick tap at the top of the bracket will lock the teeth into the post and stop it from riding back up the post. 

There are no sharp edges making the ViceBITE safe for your horses and livestock. The double row of teeth on the front and back of the ViceBITE means the ViceBITE will not dislodge under the impact from animals or machines.

Build a strong foundation – the ViceBITE makes that easier.  Happy Fencing!!

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