Is Wire Fencing Safe for Horses?

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Is Wire Fencing Safe for Horses?

Utility, attractiveness, and safety of a fence are all important factors to consider when installing your horse fence.  Traditionally, galvanized, vinyl coated wire, and electric cord, are frequently used for equine fencing, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Electric fencing can be affordable and adaptable, which is why we designed our own electric line, Maxi-Grunt to be incorporated with any style of fencing. Barbed wire is a low-cost option, but it can cause serious and even fatal harm to horses. Mesh wire and tape fences are visible, cheap, and somewhat durable, but they can stretch and sag over time.

High tensile wire fencing is another affordable, long-lasting, low maintenance, and affordable option. However, the low visibility of the wire can prove extremely dangerous for horses.  Injuries with this style of fencing are common and can be severe or even fatal.

When it comes to safely enclosing horses, it's important to choose a fence that is both secure and safe. Wire fencing may be a common option for horse owners but it is not the safest choice for these sensitive creatures. Due to their natural flight behavior, horses are more likely to injure themselves on wire fencing. Is there an alternative?  We realized there had to be - and over 30 years ago Cameo Fence was created for a horse named, Cameo.

Cameo Fencing is not only an affordable option but was designed for safety.  Cameo can affordably encompass your horses while allowing ample space to move freely and graze. It is durable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for horse owners who understand the unpredictability of allowing horses to remain in pastures, unencumbered (and protected) by stall walls.

Cameo Fencing is a monofilament line of horse fencing which uses a single extrusion polymer line instead of wire; creating a durable, yet flexible fencing line.  It is NOT a wire, coated with polymer.  In fact, Cameo is entirely unique in that it will stretch up to 20% under stress, before breaking (for safety reasons of course) and does not injure your horse.

A brief review of the benefits of using Cameo Fencing for your horses:

  1. Safety: Cameo Fencing is considered the safest horse fencing option available. Unlike traditional wire fencing, which can cause serious injury to horses if they become entangled in it, the polymer line used in Cameo Fencing is designed to yield upon impact. This means that if a horse runs into the fence, it will either flex and gently push your horse back into pasture, or give way and prevent a fencing injury from occurring.
  1. Durability: Cameo Fencing is highly durable and resistant to damage from weather, rust, water, and the whims of unpredictable animals. The polymer line is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and UV-treated and resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. Many of our customers have enjoyed their fence for 15-20 years before deciding to repair and restring.
  1. Low Maintenance: Cameo Fencing is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike traditional wire fencing, which can require frequent tightening and maintenance, Cameo Fencing requires very little upkeep. The polymer cord is designed to remain taut and secure without any adjustment or maintenance. However, should a tree fall, or as we’ve heard from a former customer whose son did some “independent testing” with a bowie knife, a quick and easy fix with the Cameo Link will simply join the two parts of line together.
  1. Aesthetics: Cameo Fencing is also visually appealing, and can enhance the overall appearance of your property. With limited sight lines, for humans, the line seems to disappear and allow you to freely see your horses and your land.
  2. Easy Installation: Cameo Fencing is easy to install, and can be installed by a single person in a relatively short amount of time. No heavy boards or rolls of wire to haul, simply unroll Cameo as you walk the fence line and set within the insulators on each post - T-Post or Wood Post, Cameo compliments and works with any style of post you choose. When you reach your end post, simply pull the Cameo line taut through the One-Way Vise, and voila!

In a world dominated by unpredictable animals and situations, systems need to perform and adapt well in a pinch. The Cameo horse fence system is designed for optimal adaptability. Horse fences and horse fencing needs to be resilient, but also flexible. Cameo horse fencing is engineered, above all, to work with you to keep your horses safe.

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