Why Buy Cameo Horse Fencing

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Why buy Cameo horse fencing?

Investing in a horse, doesn’t end with the purchase of that horse. As a horse owner, you invest your time, energy, and love as well. Protecting that investment is of utmost importance. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize its safety and surround it with potentially dangerous metal wires. The nature of a horse is delicate, yet assertive, and you need a fence that functions the same way. Cameo fencing moves with your horse; it bends! Its pliable design conforms to the push of a horse who has stepped beyond her boundaries, but gently pushes her back within the pasture. With up to 1200 lbs of strength, should your strong-willed horse break the line, no cuts, no lacerations, and NO “cheese-cutter” effect will damage your horses beautiful coat or skin.

Benefits of Cameo Horse Fencing

  • Strength: With a breaking strength of 1200 lbs per line, Cameo fencing is designed to withstand the strength and force of a large horse. You can trust that your horses will be safe and secure within their pasture.

  • Flexibility: Cameo fencing is designed to flex up to 20% before breaking. This flexibility eliminates the "cheese cutter effect" that can occur with traditional high tensile fencing. With Cameo fencing, the fence will flex and yield to the horse, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Affordability: Cameo fencing is an extremely cost-effective solution for horse owners. Not only is the fencing itself affordable, but the flexibility and strength of the fencing also offers economic security -you can worry less about vet bills, and instead focus on your goals.

What Cameo FencingOffers

Cameo fencing specializes in providing high-quality, affordable horse fencing. We offer a white, uv-stabilzed,polymerfenceline that can be easily mounted to new or existing fence posts.For added security, we suggest adding our electrified line(s) Maxi-Grunt.

  • Monofilament (single extrusion) Polymer Fence Line: Nylon-based, U-V stabilized polymer - this fencing is designed to be strong, flexible, and durable. It is available in 3 different spool sizes, so you only have to purchase what you need. 4mm wide (approximately 1/8")

  • Electric fencing: Cameo fencing also offers an electric fencing option called Maxi-Grunt; a¼“ diameter polyethylene line, containing 9 stands of 7 ml stainless steel wire for maximum conductivity.

  • Hardware and Accessories: In addition to fencing, Cameo fencing also sells all the necessaryaccessories for your Cameo fence installation, including: insulators, gate handles, chargers, and more. A one-stop shop! Don’t run from store-to-store in search or parts and pieces. We’ve simplified our site so you can purchase everything you need for your fence on one page.

Where to Find Fence Posts

While Cameo fencing specializes in selling high-quality, affordable horse fencing, we do NOT sell fence posts. The cost of freight can make it difficult to offer competitive pricing. Instead, we recommend sourcing your fence posts locally to get the best price.

If you're looking for a safe and cost-effective solution for your horse fencing needs, Cameo fencing is an excellent choice. With its strength, flexibility, safety, and cost-effectiveness, Cameo fencing is a great option for any horse owner. Why wait? Check out Cameo today!

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