High Tensile Wire Fencing VS Cameo Fencing

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High Tensile Wire Fencing VS Cameo FencingIs High Tensile Fencing Safe?

Here at Cameo, we are often told that wire fencing is dangerous for horses - and we couldn’t agree more! People also often tell us that wire fencing is the worst fencing you could use for horses because they confuse Cameo fencing with High Tensile Wire fencing. Let us dispel any confusion: Cameo Fencing is NOT wire fencing. It contains ZERO wire or metal. It is a polymer fencing line. Cameo fencing IS flexible, visible, and safe for horses. So what makes Cameo different from High Tensile Wire fencing? Lets look at three key components of High Tensile Wire Fencing and Cameo fencing; material, size, and cost.

The High Tensile Alternative

Now let us begin by saying, we don’t dislike High Tensile Fencing altogether, it is useful and has pastured animals for many years. However, we do know that it proposes a hazard to horses should they run into it or become entangled. Fortunately, there is a better alternative - Cameo! Cameo is a mono-filament polymer fencing line, containing ZERO wire. Contrast this with a High Tensile wire made of steel and you can begin to imagine the injury that could befall a horse behind a wire fence. Cameo fencing will bend and flex when your horse comes into contact with it, gently guiding them back into their pasture. With a 1200 lb breaking strength, Cameo will break under enough stress, allowing your horse to escape without injury. Further, since Cameo is a UV-Stabilized, polymer line, you don’t need to worry about rusted, brittle, or cracked fence lines - Cameo has withstood harsh weather for over 30 years, in pastures ranging from Alaska to Arizona, even in Australia!

The advantages of Cameo Fencing

The size of Cameo is another standout point that many don’t often consider. Though it is lightweight, it has a large diameter (4mm); as opposed to High Tensile or smooth wire fencing, measuring in at only 2.6mm in width (12.5 gauge wire). Because of this thin line and silver coloration, wire fencing will often disappear from a horses line of vision. Cameo fencing is thicker, white, and visible for your horses safety; and yet, to the human eye, creates beautiful sight lines so you can enjoy gazing upon your pastures.

  • Safe for horses
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Easy maintenance

Go with the easy horse fence solution

The expense of materials and professionals to install your fence drives many a horse owner to look for other options - and DIY fencing is a solution! High Tensile Wire fencing is one of the cheapest options to purchase, with an average, per foot, installed price, ranging from six to nine dollars. Cameo Fencing is highly competitive, ranging from four to seven dollars, per foot installed! Another DIY fence concern is labor and how cumbersome fence installation can become. A 2000’ roll of High Tensile Wire line weighs in at around 100 pounds; while a 2000’ roll of Cameo is a slight 24 pounds! With Cameo you can simply place a dowel through the center of the Cameo roll allowing it to unwind while you walk your fence line. When you reach the final post, you can hand-pull tension on the line - and voila! DIY Fence, done.

Cameo Fencing is the safe alternative to High Tensile Wire Fencing

Notably, Cameo Fencing is the safe alternative to High Tensile Wire Fencing. Though wire has some strengths, it’s low cost and efficacy for cattle; in relation to horses, Cameo fencing offers much more! Cameo is cost effective, safe for horses, low maintenance, and lightweight for easy installation. With one-to-one customer service availability from quote to finish, and quick shipping; you will have your DIY Horse fence completed on time and sooner than you imagined.

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