What is the best style of fencing for horses?

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The best style of fencing for horses creates a safe and flexible environment for pastures, pens, or runs. Cameo fencing does both and more; not only will it flex under pressure, the line will break under a certain amount of force and NOT damage your horses beautiful skin or coat. 

Think Safety First

Safety is the most important feature of Cameo Fencing and also the most unique!  Cameo is unique in that it doesn’t pose a danger to your horses. People are sometimes concerned that Cameo is a “line fence”; they wonder if it will cut their horse, if it’s made of wire, or if it will even contain their horses.  Cameo fencing is an extruded polymer line, with NO metal at all!  This allows Cameo to be flexible, thus SAFE should a horse run into or through it. The white line is visible to horses and does not pose a danger to them. Cameo fencing will contain your horses, though some need a quick reminder with our electric line, Maxi-Grunt.  Horse are like kids - each with their own personality - and some need a few more reminders than others.  Jokes aside, Cameo will contain your horse(s); we suggest 5-6 lines as seen in the photo below. 

Flexible Fencing 

The flexibility of Cameo is what makes it unique. Most fencing is rigid- whether wood or metal.  If a horse kicks a board or spooks and runs into a metal wire fence, damage can occur quickly; and can prove fatal!  Cameo fencing alleviates these concerns because of its flexibility.  Should a horse kick and the Cameo line break, it may wrap around the horse but the polymer line will not damage their skin; and with over 30 years in business, there are an abundance of testimonials and first hand accounts to review.  

Simple And Affordable

While Cameo is safe for your horses, it is also a simple and affordable installation.  Cameo was designed for the DIY horse owner - a true DIY, that is not only affordable but lightweight and quick to install.  Once posts are set, insulators (or fence brackets) mounted, you can place a dowel through the Cameo spool and walk the fence line; easily stringing the Cameo line through each insulator.   Check out our installation videos to see a customer’s quick clip of her children setting the Cameo line!

Cameo Is the Best Choice

If you’re looking for the best style of horse fencing, with safety, simplicity, and affordability being your top priorities, check out Cameo Fencing.  Not only do we provide supportive customer service to assist you when planning your fence installation, we are ready to send you a free sample.  Get Cameo in your hands to see and feel the flexibility, and test the Cameo fencing line for yourself!  Call or email for a free sample and brochure!

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