What the Hay is a ViceBite!?

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What the hay is a ViceBite!? (Spoiler Alert: It's Not Dracula's New Snack)

Feeling like you stumbled into a hardware store version of Alice in Wonderland and spotted the Cheshire Cat's grin on a strange metal bracket? Don't worry, fence friend, the ViceBite isn't here to steal your sanity, just your outdated (and possibly backbreaking) fence-building methods! Let's demystify this curious contraption and turn your "Huh" into a "Wow, fencing just got way easier!"

So, what the heck is a ViceBite?

Imagine a fence bracket with the bite of a bulldog and the chill of a koala (minus the eucalyptus breath). That's essentially a ViceBite! This ingenious gadget from Cameo Fencing joins your H brace fence posts with a special "double chomp" of teeth, creating a rock-solid connection without the hassle of trying to somehow pound steaks or bolts horizontally through your fence post. 

Why Ditch the Bolts for a ViceBite?

Glad you asked, fence enthusiast! Here's why ViceBite deserves a starring role in your next fencing project:

    • Strength Like The Incredible Hulk
    • Versatility is its Middle Name
    • Time Travel for Busy Builders
    • Animal-Friendly Design
    • Durability that Makes Thor Jealous

Installation? Easy as Pie (But Hopefully Less Crumbly)

  1. Prep your posts: Channel your inner lumberjack and cut your end and H brace to desired lengths.
  2. Attach the ViceBite: Think of it as giving your end post a friendly (but firm) handshake. Secure the ViceBite with nails or screws, adjusting the support ledge for a perfect 90-degree angle.
  3. Slide in the H brace: Imagine it's a game of fence Jenga - carefully place the H brace on the support ledge and slide it up into the waiting teeth of the bracket.
  4. Repeat on the other side: Don't forget your other post! Secure the opposite end of the H brace with another ViceBite attached to the corner post.
  5. Tension and secure: Think of this as the grand finale. Use high-tensile wire or threaded rod to tension and secure the H brace to the end post, creating a connection that'll make even Houdini jealous.

Strength Specs:

    • Material: 2.5mm galvanized steel (think Captain America's shield, minus the vibranium)
    • Breaking strength: Not specified by the manufacturer, but let's just say a herd of elephants wouldn't stand a chance.


    • Weather-resistant galvanized steel construction (rain or shine, your fence stays strong)
    • Teeth grip the treated zone of the post, protecting the core (like a superhero hold for your H brace.

Ready to Give Your H brace the Bite it Deserves?

ViceBite Stay Brackets offer a smarter, stronger way to create secure and long-lasting fence assemblies. With their ease of use, versatility, and animal-friendly design, they're the perfect choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Head over to Cameo Fencing and experience the ViceBite difference for yourself!

P.S. Feeling inspired? Here's a little ditty to remember your new fence BFF:

(Verse 1) Fence woes got you feeling blue? Posts askew, what can you do? Digging trenches, back in pain, Wishing there was an easier game.
(Chorus) But fear not, friend, don't despair, ViceBite's here, a solution rare! Teeth that bite, hold on tight, Strong connection, day and night.
(Bridge) Horses happy, safe and sound, No sharp edges poke around. Peace of mind, a sturdy wall, Cameo Fencing answers your call.
(Chorus) So head on over, don't delay, ViceBite's waiting, light the way! Strong and secure, your fence will gleam, Cameo Fencing, the winning team!

So grab your ViceBite from Cameo today, And your fence problems will fade away!

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