CAMEO Fence Posts: You’ve Got Options

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Most of our customers come to us looking for a better way to fence in their horses. They’ve heard of CAMEO fencing from friends or neighbors and they need help determining exactly what’s required to build the perfect fencing system.

We feel it’s our job to help them understand the choices they have when it comes to fence posts, and how those choices impact the ultimate success of their fence. Whether they eventually decide on cutting-edge CAMEO fencing line, traditional electric fencing or a combination of both they’ve got options.

Your Many Fence Post Options

One of the benefits of CAMEO fence line is its versatility. The monofilament line is flexible, making it well suited for several different types of fence posts. Many of our customers understandably like the look and convenience of locally purchased wood or metal fence posts. Together with CAMEO fencing, wooden or metal fence posts (t-posts or pipe posts) can be an aesthetically pleasing and durable choice.

Some of our customers are specifically looking for a lower-maintenance solution. Wooden fence posts may be prone to rot and if painted need repainting from time to time. Metal posts can rust or be vulnerable to lightning strikes. For those reasons, many experienced horse owners are choosing to go with posts made of vinyl, plastic, or composite. We offer several options in this vein.

We offer durable, easy-to-install, predrilled posts made of either 2” or 3” white vinyl. Our composite posts come in a variety of sizes and colors, too. All of these posts are completely compatible with our revolutionary Cameo fencing as well as our array of electric fencing products.

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