Afraid of Electric Fencing?

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It is OK not to want to be zapped. But no need to be afraid of electric fences. Treat them with respect and be sure to buy a fence tester.

Once your horse or other livestock has touched an electric line they will not want to be zapped again either.  And they will stay off your fence.

As I have said many times – “The best place for your horse is away from a fence.”

There are many electric fence products to choose from including Polywires, Ropes, Braids etc.……

Our preference is for stainless steel strands running through the base material. We have found stainless steel to stand up better in the field – giving a longer life span, while providing a good conduit for the zap…..

Install your electric line using insulators on your choice of post. Or a post that works as an insulator such as our predrilled 2” rd. vinyl post.

The fence energizer (the box that energizes the fence – gives its zap) is the heart of your system. You want one that will do the job for the amount of line you are running. A rule of thumb is for every 1 mile of electric fence line have at least 1 joule output. Then add a joule for fudge factor (growth on line or possible shorts). See a recent article, “How do I know which Energizer to buy?”

Always remember to energize the line while horses or livestock are in that area.

No, you do not have to touch the line to make sure it is working. There are fence testers for that job. An 8 light tester will give you an idea but a digital fence tester will give you an accurate reading of the volts on the line.

Once up and running be sure to make a habit to check the fence regularly. That is as simple as testing at the start and finish of the line. A significant drop in volts means a problem in line. The problem once found is usually an easy fix.

Cameo horse fence is the best thing you can do for your horses.

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