How many strands of cord for my horse fence?

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How many strands of cord for my horse fence?

Some basic planning is needed when installing Cameo’s polymer horse fencing. One important and frequently asked question is, how many strands of Cameo will I need to secure my horses? We at Cameo, offer typical suggestions below but also understand that you know your horses temperaments and tendencies.  Combining our suggestions with the love and care you have for your horses to create best solution to your equine fencing project. We believe in your animals and your property; and the Cameo horse fence system is engineered to work to secure them at minimal cost and effort.


How Many Strands of Polymer Horse Fencing Should You Use?

Polymer horse fencing is the safest way to keep your horses contained. The number of strands you use will depend on various factors, including the age and size of your horse(s), your horses temperament, location, and terrain. Generally, 5 - 6 strands are recommended for Cameo horse fencing. When used in combination with electric fencing (Maxi-Grunt) 4-6 strands are suggested. Regardless of the number of strands, the beauty of Cameo lies in its minimalism. To the horse, the fence is visible; to the human eye, it blends in serenely with its surroundings - providing open sight lines of your entire property.


5 or 6 Strands

Horse fences and horse fencing needs to be resilient, but also flexible. You’ll find that you’ll come to enjoy the playfulness of the Cameo horse fence system - the way you can work with it in different situations. Using six strands of polymer cord is Cameo’s suggested use and establishes boundaries for your horse that are not only secure, but safe.  Cameo’s flexibility allows it to give a little and prevent your horse from getting those “cheese” cutter injuries so commonly seen with wire fencing.

You may like the look of 6 strands because it gives the fence a heavier feel, yet still maintains the visual flow and continuity of the pasture; all the while retaining flexibility should your horse become a little excited and playful.  Another option is to use only 5 strands of Cameo line, with an electrified top line to keep your horses honest after a frolicking good time in the field. Of course, if you have a serious questions questions about your horse fencing, feel free to call us personally.  We answer the phone and are happy to review your horse fencing plans with you.


3 to 4 Strands

Using three or four strands of polymer cord is a common option and provides ample security for your horses when used in combination with our electric line, Maxi-Grunt.  The suggested arrangement is a hot (electric) top-line and 2nd line up from the ground.  Multiple conductive lines ensure continuity in car of failure, and these failures are extremely rare because the conductive wires themselves are both braided and comprised of a highly flexible and ductile alloy. For sensitive areas, such as near a busy road, it is recommended to use four strands PLUS a minimum 2 lines of Maxi-Grunt (electric line). Often, near a busy road, you may consider an interior and exterior perimeter of fencing.


Foals and Ponies

Many customers have asked if they can use Cameo with foals, or young horses.  The short answer is YES! We have had many customers use it with their young horses and you can view images of them in our photo gallery.   Keep in mind, as these young fillies begin to explore their surroundings, they will playfully (and maybe willfully) test their boundaries.  Using Maxi-Grunt in combination with Cameo will gently remind them to respect the fence; and they will quickly learn not to touch or test the fence.  Cameo suggests electrifying the top line, as well as the second line-up from the ground.  Another option is to electrify 3 lines, the top, middle, and bottom line. The choice is individual.  One thing we like to keep in mind is grazing, if the 2nd line up the from the bottom is electrified, the horses learn they can graze under the line and around the posts, eliminating some weed-eating maintenance time.


Why Use Polymer Horse Fencing?

Cameo horse fencing is a polymer horse fencing line; a safe and affordable option for horse owners to keep their horses secure while ensuring comfort and safety.  Being easy to install and maintain, lightweight, non-molding, flexible, and beautiful, Cameo horse fencing is an ideal solution for every D.I.Y. equine owner! Use Cameo WITH other horse fence systems as well. To all of us at Cameo, the best horse fence doesn’t just get the job done, it also works well with jobs already done and helps you look forward to horse fence projects yet to be accomplished.

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