Horse Fence Brackets - Is that what you call them?

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Fence brackets are referred to with various names. To further complicate matters, there are various styles, dependent upon your post style and fencing. For our purposes, we’ll elaborate on the brackets best suited for Cameo Fencing. Cameo refers to fence brackets as “insulators”. Cameo fence insulators not only hold the Cameo line, but allow it to slip through for easy tensioning. With Cameo whether you use a wood, t-post, or vinyl post, the quality and purpose of the attachment (or bracket) remains the same.


With proper spacing and correct tension, t-post fencing can look sleek - and safely create a pasture for your horse. T-posts attachments will maintain both a proper fence and a budget. Not only are they strong, Cameo t-post insulators are compatible with multiple fencing styles, both Cameo and Maxi-Grunt (Cameo’s hot” electrified fencing line). Cameo “T-post Insulators” were manufactured with a UV and fade resistant polymer, so you don’t have to worry about sun fading, cracking, or weakening these attachments.


“Wood or Vinyl Post Insulators” are another style of fence brackets. Compatible with both Maxi-Grunt (electrified) and regular Cameo fencing, you can purchase these insulators for both styles, allowing you ease of planning and fewer parts to organize! These insulators can be easily attached with two galvanized roofing nails or two #8 x 3/4" screws. Available in both black and white, you can build your fence to suit your style. White will align beautifully with the Cameo line, while black sets the line apart and has a modern, crisp aesthetic (as seen here).


Cameo fencing’s electric fence post bracket is the “End/Gate Post Insulator”. This attachment is used only with Maxi-Grunt, our electric fencing line. With a zinc-plated steel bracket, insulator, and locking nut, this attachment allows for conduction and simple tensioning of the electric line. While also UV and Fade resistant, you will get multiple years of use AND can purchase this electric fence attachment in black or white to suit your style preferences.


Though various terms can be used with differing styles of fencing, one term to familiarize yourself with is “insulator”. These simple fence brackets allow Cameo fencing and Maxi-Grunt to slip into place with out having to clip, pull, or tug the line; so you can get back to what you love best - your horses!

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