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Cameo links are designed to make splicing a breeze during installation and repairs. The Cameo links are slick and blend nicely into the fence line. The special quality of The Cameo Link is that that installs in seconds without any special tools or any tools at all! The Cameo Link works like a Chinese finger trap. Simply push one end of your into the link until you hear the “click.” Do the same to the other side and your splice is complete. Once the line is inserted into The Cameo Link it's locked in and not coming out.

Seamless Connections, Lasting Security: The Cameo Link

Maintain a strong and reliable Cameo Horse Fence with the innovative Cameo Link. This simple yet effective solution allows for effortless connections between Cameo fencing lines, perfect for both initial installation and repairs.

Here's why the Cameo Link is a valuable addition to your Cameo Fencing System

  • Effortless Connections: Say goodbye to complicated tools and crimping! The Cameo Link features a user-friendly design that allows you to simply push the Cameo line into each end for a secure connection.

  • Strong and Reliable: Once inserted, the Cameo Link becomes an integral part of the line, ensuring a strong and reliable connection that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Perfect for Repairs: The Cameo Link is ideal for quick and easy repairs to existing Cameo fencing lines.

  • Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for Cameo fencing, the Cameo Link ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance within the entire system.

Instructions for Use

  • Prepare the Cameo Line: Cut the Cameo line to your desired length, ensuring a clean and straight end.

  • Insert the Line: Simply push the prepared end of the Cameo line into one side of the Cameo Link.

  • Repeat: Push the other end of the Cameo line into the opposite side of the Link.

  • Secure Connection: The Cameo Link will automatically grip the line, creating a strong and secure connection.

Complementary Cameo Products

  • One-Way Vise: For securing Cameo lines to end posts, ensuring optimal tension throughout the fence line.

  • Corner Post Insulators: Facilitate a clean and efficient corner installation by insulating Cameo lines around wooden corner posts.

The Cameo Advantage

  • Safety First: Cameo Fencing prioritizes your horse's well-being. The Cameo Link, along with the entire system, is designed for safety and eliminates risks associated with traditional metal fences.

  • Effortless Installation: The Cameo Link embodies the entire Cameo philosophy – simple and user-friendly for a smooth installation or repair process.

  • Long-lasting Performance: High-quality materials and a focus on durability ensure your Cameo fencing system, including the Cameo Link, provides lasting performance for years to come.

Invest in the Cameo Link and experience the benefits of effortless connections and a secure Cameo Horse Fence. Order yours today!

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