CAMEO Horse Fencing 2000 Ft.

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Cameo fencing is a metal-free white-line monofilament of nylon-based UV-stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing. At 4mm in diameter (approximately 1/8"), Cameo fencing is strong, durable, yet flexible, ensuring your horse's safety. Cameo fencing was engineered to be the safest horse fence on the market and has been officially dubbed “The Safe Horse Fence.” Although Cameo has a breaking strength of 1200 lbs, its safety comes from its metal-free flexibility and elasticity. Should your horse find itself wrapped up in Cameo, its flexibility gives your horse the ability to free itself and do it injury-free! The elasticity ensures that your Cameo fence will conform to its original position. Not only is Cameo “The Safe Horse Fence,” but it also provides an aesthetically pleasing fence line and adds value to any property. It is one of the most affordable horse fence options on the market, so do not be fooled by other “like Cameo” options or imitators; there is only one Cameo horse fencing system. 

A Virginia Tech study found that metallic wire and non-forgiving fence materials caused 63% of all horse fence injuries. 33 to 60% of those injuries were deemed severe and required veterinary care. If you care for your horse's safety, nothing compares to Cameo, The Safe Horse Fence.

Note: Cameo is a neutral fencing option for the electric version; see Cameo Pulse.

Cameo Fencing Installation Options:

  • Strength and Visibility: Choose 5-6 lines of Cameo, spaced 8 to 12 feet apart on your posts, for a strong and obvious barrier. This configuration provides excellent containment without sacrificing aesthetics. (See Maxi-Grunt fencing if you wish to use electric lines in combination with Cameo Horse Fencing).

  • Combined Approach: Opt for 3-4 Cameo lines combined with 1-2 Cameo Pulse electric lines for an added layer of security. The white electric lines seamlessly blend in with Cameo, maintaining a clean visual appeal. This option provides both containment and training, encouraging your horses to respect the fence boundary.

Recommended Post Materials:

  • Corner, End, and Gate Posts: For added stability at crucial points of your fence line, use 5" or 6" x 8' round pressure-treated posts with at least 200 lbs of concrete.

  • Line Posts: For regular fence lines, 4" x 6” 6" round pressure-treated wood posts are ideal. However, you can also use vinyl, metal, or PVC options for a more personalized touch.

Effortless Installation:

  1. Post Placement: Install your chosen posts at 8 to 12-foot intervals, ensuring they are securely embedded in the ground.

  2. Cameo Installation:

    1. Drill 3/4" holes in your terminal posts (end and gate posts)  for the Cameo lines.

    2. Feed The Cameo lines through the holes.

    3. Secure them using Cameo One-Way Vises.

  3. Corner Posts: Use Corner Post Insulators to secure both Cameo and Cameo Pulse lines on corner posts.

  4. Line Posts: Install wood or line Post Insulators on your line posts to hold both Cameo and MCameo Pulse lines secure.

  5. Tensioning Cameo Lines: After running all Cameo lines, pull them hand-tight through the Cameo One-Way Vises at each terminal post. 

  6. Tensioning Maxi-Grunt Lines: Pull Maxi-Grunt lines hand-tight, ensuring no slack between line posts. Avoid over-stretching the electric line.

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