Will “CAMEO” fencing work for my cattle as well as horses?

Posted by Bonnie Weaver on

The quick answer is YES. 

Yes, with the addition of at least one line of electric in combination with the “CAMEO” monofilament polymer line you can contain cattle and other livestock.

There are a few advantages to combining “CAMEO” with a line of electric – (Most choose Maxi Grunt for the electric line)

First – an electrified line teaches all your animals to stay off the fence.                        

Second – from a distance the lines all look the same giving your fence a neat, clean appearance.

Third – posts can be spaced up to 16 ft. apart. Fewer posts = less costs & less work.

You will find your “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt fence the most cost effective, easiest to install and safest fence for your animals.

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