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Yes, “CAMEO” fencing is safe for your horses and other livestock.

Why is it safe?

  • First, it is white in color and your animals can see it. What they can see they are less likely to run into it.
  • Second, “CAMEO” fencing is flexible. What does that mean? Think of an elastic band. After the line is installed at the correct tension there is still approximately 20% flexibility (the line will stretch). But if stretched beyond that point the line will break. Better to have a line break then your horse.
  • Third, if for some reason your horse runs into the fence they will bounce off it. I had a customer with Hanoverian stud colts break through a 2 x 6 board paddock into a pasture with “CAMEO”. The colts hit the fence bounced off and ran the other way.

And in one very icy snowy northern winter another customer had a horse slide down an icy slope from their barn into the fence. No injuries. Surprised horse, very happy owner.


I understand affordable is subjective. Consider your horse fence choices as you would any of your other major purchases. What are your options? What are the benefits? What is important to you?

We may have all dreamt of the farm with wood board fences. Years ago a customer used wood board fencing out front and down her driveway. She was thrilled with the cost effectiveness and look of the “CAMEO” for her back pastures. The next season she called and gave me heck for not talking her into using “CAMEO” for all her fencing. Yes, the wood board fence needed attention. Horses had rubbed and chewed on it. It would not be long before it would need to be painted again.

Easy to Install

We have been selling horse fencing for over 30 years. “CAMEO” fencing has been sold to professional fence installers and gals with no fencing experience at all, just a love of horses. The gals with no experience have done a great job. And the fence installers are saying, “Yes! An easy installation”.

I am here to help. Love to receive your questions. It helps me to know what you need to know to make an educated decision for your fencing project.

Please ask questions!

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