Why Combine “CAMEO” horse fencing with an Electric line?

Posted by John Llewellyn on

“CAMEO” horse fencing was designed to work as a 5 or 6 line fence, with wood line posts on 8 foot centers.   So why combine with an electric line?

  1. You can now space your line posts up to 16 ft. apart.
  2. You use fewer lines of “CAMEO”   


3 “CAMEO” & 1 electric,    

2 “CAMEO” & 2 electric,

3 “CAMEO” & 2 electric

  1. The fence works to contain animals other than horses – sheep, goats, cattle……….
  2. All animals learn to respect the fence and Stay off the fence. The best place for your horse is away from a fence.

At “CAMEO fencing we offer a choice of electric lines, energizers and supplies needed to complete the installation.  Just email a diagram of your fence plans. We are here to help and happy to provide a free quote.  

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