About Cameo™ Fencing

"CAMEO™" fencing is a white line monofilament (single extrusion) of nylon based UV stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing. This unique fence line is flexible - gives approx. 20% - then returns to its original position. The unique ability of the line to flex eliminates the CHEESE CUTTER EFFECT your horses experience from metal wire. While the line is flexible, it has, at the same time the strength to contain your horses (if they run into the fence they will bounce from it). “CAMEO™” fencing is in the field being tested every day and is standing the test of time – lasting 10 to 15 yrs. 10 year Warranty.





White - Sight line - Your horses see it
Flexible - Flexes 20% - Does not cut like bare wire,
Gives you peace of mind 
Follows contour of land
Adapts to wooded area
Has Memory - Eliminates sagging/re-tightening
Light Weight (2000 ft = 25 lbs) - Easy for everyone to handle
Does not strain ends/corners - Easier installation of ends/corners thank for high tensile/barbed wire
Nylon base - Durable, maintenance free
UV Stabilized - Longevity (10 to 15 yrs.)
1250 lb breaking strength - Line breaks before your horse
8 ga diameter - Good sight line
Neat Appearance - Adds value to your farm
Rugged/Durable - Long-Lasting
Affordable - You don't have to put off fencing
Rolls 1000, 2000 or 3000 ft. - Saves Money