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Vicebite Stay Brackets - Once bitten, won't budge!

Joins the line-post to the end-post with specially placed teeth on the front and back of the bracket, creating a vice-like effect during installation.

2.5mm galvanized steel is pressed into shape for maximum strength and stability.

  • Enables quick and easy assemblies for general fencing
  • Suitable for soft and hard timber, including recycled plastic posts
  • Creates a strong, long-lasting end assembly
  • Reduces digging and labor costs
  • Causes bracket to bite into timber when fence line is strained
  • Retains the natural strength of timber posts by not exposing the untreated core or notching the surface area

Invented in Australia, ViceBITE is a fast, easy way to build a secure end or corner post assembly for the foundation of your fence. Because there are no sharp edges, the

ViceBITE is safe for your horses and livestock. ViceBITE is designed with a double row of teeth on the front and back. These specialized ViceBITE teeth are engineered to:

  • Never dislodge from the impact of animals or machines.
  • Only bite into the treated zone of wooden posts so the untreated core is not exposed to the elements.
  • Bite into both the end post and the brace post to make the installation secure and durable.
The ViceBITE makes it easy to build a strong foundation for your fencing!

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