Large Gripple

Large Gripple

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The Large Gripple is used to join Cameo or to secure Cameo at end the posts. When using at both ends of the fence run, a gripple tensioning tool is required to pull the correct tension on the line.  Using the Gripple, the Cameo wraps around the end post. Fits 7.5 gauge - 10 gauge fencing line (1/8" diameter fencing average)

With Gripples you can both join and tension fencing at the same time:

  • 4 times faster than knotting and other traditional methods
  • The simple push fit maintains the inherent strength of the fencing
  • High load holding Easy maintenance - one-way movement always allows for re-tensioning
  • High grade ceramic roller for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Adjustment Gripples are small fasteners which are used to join two pieces of Cameo fencing together, creating tension and hold with one easy move. Once inserted, the fencing can be pulled taut, but it can’t slip back out. Made of anti-corrosive materials, Gripple fasteners are the perfect joiners for Cameo monofilament fencing.
  • Feature - Gripples can be re-tensioned year after year
  • Use with the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool or all-steel contractors tensioning tool for easy installation
Gripples are the perfect joiner for Cameo fencing. With Gripples, you can quickly and easily:
  • Make repairs
  • Join two-piece of fencing
  • Double back Turn corners

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