Should you use a Single Gate versus a Double Gate?

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The most often used gates in the horse stables are single and double swing gates. Which is better? Well, that depends a lot on how and where the gate is being used. The answer is not very simple. This article helps take into account several variables, including money, aesthetics, and physical constraints, in order to decide on the best gate configuration.

At Cameo Fencing we have experts in the fence business who can describe in detail the advantages, disadvantages, and liabilities of each style of gate. We want pour customers to have the best information that satisfies all your needs. Below is a basic overview video to help guide to a better swing gate for your horse stables or paddocks.

What is a single gate?

A single gate layout consists of only one gate leaf. It uses hinges that fit on the edge of an opening to secure the gate.

Reasons to choose a Single gate:

It is preferred for a multitude of reasons because of its simplest basic gate design.

  • It costs less because there is just one automatic opener required.
  • Single gates are an easy choice because of their simplicity, which is appealing to many individuals.
  • In comparison to a double gate, they only need half as much hardware (like hinges, bolts, hinge posts, etc.).
  • Single gates are simpler to install, which is a huge attraction for many individuals. The gate can be mounted to the foundation wall with just one pair of hinges.
  • Less maintenance and replacement are required for the fixtures.
  • Since they close against a sturdy pillar or wall instead of another gate leaf, single gates are typically simpler to lock ensuring the safety of your horses or other livestock.

Reasons not to choose a single gate:

Despite being more advantageous in terms of price and simplicity, single gates do have some limitations.

  • Due to their design Single gates have a huge swing radius equating to the opening's breadth. So, if you were to install a gate to cover a 10-foot opening, it would also swing backward by 10-foot when opened. If you have a big enough, this might not be a problem, but in areas with restricted parking, it might become a problem.
  • One pillar or post is required to support the entire weight of one gate. This means that to be sure that it will support that weight over time, you will need a pricier, heavy-duty post.

What is a double gate?

A double design consists of two gates with hinges on either side of the aperture. The gates can be secured in place using a drop bolt and latch in the center.

Reasons to choose a double gate:

Double gates offer a more elegant appearance when opened from the middle and are the conventional style making it appealing to the people.

  • Wider driveway entrances can be accommodated by double gates than by single ones.
  • The smaller swing radius needed while opening and shutting the gate is a significant advantage over a single gate. Only a 5-foot swing radius would be needed for a 10-foot opening. Entrance will be simpler as less of your driveway needs to be maintained.
  • There are two pillars to bear the pressure of the gate and give support to it.
  • Double gates come in a wider variety of sizes and designs and you are less likely to need custom gates manufactured, which saves money.
  • Both gates can be opened separately from one another, making it simpler for people to utilize.
  • Additionally, because of their split size, they are typically lighter than a single gate.

Reasons not to choose a double gate:

Double gates do have a few drawbacks while being a viable solution for the majority of people:

  • More hardware (hinges, bolts, hinge posts, etc.) is needed for double gates and as a result of this, the installation process takes a longer time.
  • The cost of automating the gates will be higher because each leaf will require its own opener motor.

Last words:

In the last, we can say that a double drive gate may initially seem to be a safer installation. Although it might seem that way, experts think that installing just one gate is significantly safer and more dependable. Because a single gate is latched to a positive, immovable latch post thus making it difficult for horses to escape or create any trouble for their owners.

Whether you utilize a single swing gate or a double swing gate, our Cameo nylon wire fencing will work with both. It’s easy installation and long lasting durability along with the easy maintenance makes our product the perfect combination to any gate. At Cameo Fencing we are dedicated to serving you with exceptional premium quality fencing but most importantly, a safe alternative to wire horse fencing. We believe in customer satisfaction that’s why our trained staff is always there to assist you with product recommendations, competitor comparisons, general questions, and even installation advice to best satisfy your needs. For further details feel free to contact us 800-822-5426.

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