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one way vise
The One Way Vise for Cameo Fence

A One Way Vise is needed in order to achieve the correct tension on your Cameo fence line. Simply hand-pull the Cameo line through the vise until the line is taught. Staple the end of the Cameo line to the wood post for a clean finished look (see below).

Designed Just For Cameo

With gears inside to catch and latch onto the Cameo Line, you don’t have to worry about the line sliding out of this one-way anchor. Simply push the Cameo Fence Line through the One Way Vise, pull back slightly to allow the gears to latch onto the line, and it will hold the Cameo line in place. Should your One Way Vise not latch on immediately, simply actuate the internal gears by inserting the Cameo line into the end (larger side) of the one way vise to move the gears around into correct position; then reinsert the line into the opening (smaller side) of the vise and pull taught.

Proper One Way Vise

How To Use One Way Vise

  1. Determine Post Placement: Identify the locations where you want to install your wood end posts or terminals. These are typically the corners, ends, and gate posts of your fence.

  2. Prepare the Wood Posts: Use pressure-treated wood posts measuring five or six inches in diameter and eight feet in length. Make sure the posts are securely anchored in the ground at the desired locations, ensuring they are level and plumb.

  3. Thread the Cameo Fence Line: Take the Cameo Fence Line and thread it through the larger side opening of the One Way Vise. Push it through until it comes out of the smaller side opening.

  4. Position the One Way Vise: Place the One Way Vise at the desired location on the wood post, positioning it in such a way that the fence line will run straight and taut.

  5. Insert the Cameo Fence Line: Push the Cameo Fence Line through the smaller side opening of the One Way Vise, pulling it slightly to allow the gears inside the vise to latch onto the line. This will hold the line in place.

  6. Check and Adjust Tension: Once the fence line is secured by the One Way Vise, check the tension by hand-pulling the line. Make sure it is properly tensioned and straight. Adjust the tension as needed by pulling the line through the vise or releasing some tension if it is too tight.

  7. Secure the End of the Fence Line: Once you have achieved the desired tension, staple the end of the Cameo Fence Line to the wood post to secure it in place. This will provide a clean and finished look.

  8. Repeat for Other Fence Sections: Repeat the process for each section of your Cameo Fence, installing the One Way Vise and securing the fence line to the wood posts.

Remember, if the One Way Vise does not immediately latch onto the fence line, you can actuate the internal gears by inserting the line into the larger side of the vise to move the gears into the correct position. Then, reinsert the line into the smaller side opening and pull it taut.

Following these steps will help you properly install the One Way Vise for Cameo Fence, ensuring a secure and tensioned fencing system for your horse enclosure.

Made For Easy Installation

The One Way Vise allows Cameo to be strung directly through a wood end post or terminal. Essentially it is the anchor of Cameo Fence. Whether installing wood, t-post, or vinyl, we suggest using a five or six inch by eight foot pressure treated wood post for all corner, end, and gate posts. Strategically (in most cases), an H-Brace is not necessary when using Cameo; making this DIY Fence installation all the more manageable!

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