Corner Post Insulators

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The Cameo Corner Collar is used with both Cameo and Cameo Pulse fencing. This unique Corner Collar is designed to run your fencing continuously through corners while insulating it from the post. These Corner Collars also allow your Cameo fencing to slide back and forth without causing damage when pressure is applied to the fence. These corner collars are easy to install, using two Cameo hex head screws, and make installing your Cameo fencing a breeze. Made from durable, UV-resistant plastic, the Cameo Corner Collars will last for years and come in white and black color options. 

The Cameo Corner Collar is designed to be used on a round wood post up to 6” in diameter. However, you can use it on larger round diameter and square posts with the use of additional collars. These corner collars can also be used with large-diameter rope, braid, or coated wire. 

Effortless Corner Insulation: Cameo Corner Post Insulators

Ensure a clean, efficient, and safe fence line with Cameo Corner Post Insulators. These versatile insulators are specifically designed to simplify the installation of Cameo fencing around corners on wooden posts.

Here's why you need ourCorner Post Insulator for your Cameo Fence System

  • Seamless Cornering: The unique design allows Cameo and Cameo Pulse fencing lines to wrap smoothly around corners, eliminating the need for complicated adjustments or splicing.

  • Effortless Installation: Secure the insulator onto your corner post using two Cameo hex head screws. Place your Cameo fencing line into the grove. Remove the provided plunger off the corner collar and place firm into the hole of the groves to keep your fencing secure.  No drilling or special tools are required!

  • Universal Compatibility: These insulators fit perfectly onto any corner wood post, regardless of size or shape, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Round posts larger than 6” in diameter and square posts may require additional corner collars.

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, UV-resistant plastic, Cameo Corner Post Insulators are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

  • Color Choice: Available in black or white to complement your fencing.

Invest in Cameo Corner Collar Post Insulators and experience the benefits of a clean, efficient, and safe corner fence line. Order yours today and create a professional-looking and secure environment for your horses!

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Invest in your horse's safety and create a beautiful space for them to thrive. Order your Cameo Horse Fencing today!

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