1,000 Count 1 1/4", Hex Head Zinc Screws *FREE Milwaukee Magnetic Nutdriver*

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Strong-Point Hex Washer Head Zinc Plated Screws. The zinc plating allows these screws to secure Cameo The Safe Horse Fence system for years to come without rusting or corrosion. These screws come packaged in half-gallon buckets that allow for easy carrying during installation. 

Includes TWO FREE 1/4" Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE IMPACT DUTY, Magnetic, Nut Driver.

Contents Net weight 6.0 lbs, approximately 1000 screws. 

Cameo 1000 Piece Hex Screw Kit: Reliable Strength for Your Cameo Fencing Projects

Ensure a secure and lasting hold for your Cameo Safe Horse Fence system with the Cameo 1000 Piece Hex Screw Kit. This value pack provides a substantial amount of screws for various Cameo fencing installations or repairs, guaranteeing a stronghold for your project.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal Compatibility: These Strong-Point Slotted Hex Washer Head Zinc Plated Screws are designed for Cameo, The Safe Horse Fence system.

  • Exceptional Strength: Crafted from high-quality steel with zinc plating, these screws offer impressive durability, ensuring your fence can resist everyday wear and tear.

  • Efficient Installation: The hex head design allows for a secure grip with a ¼” nut driver, making installation quick and hassle-free.

  • Bonus Nut Driver: The kit includes ONE FREE 1/4" Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE IMPACT DUTY Magnetic Nut Driver for added convenience during installation.

Instructions for Use

  1. Select the appropriate screw: Depending on your project (attaching Cameo lines to posts, securing Cameo Links, etc.), choose the screw size and quantity specified in the Cameo installation instructions.

  2. Pre-drill if necessary: For some applications, pre-drilling pilot holes in wooden posts may be recommended to ensure smooth insertion and prevent splitting. Refer to the Cameo installation guide for specific instructions.

  3. Drive the screw: Using a standard hex driver or the included nut driver, securely fasten the screw into the designated location.

Complementary Cameo Products

  • Cameo One-Way Vise: For effortless tensioning and secure line holding on end posts.

  • Corner Post Insulators: Facilitate efficient corner installation by insulating Cameo lines around wooden corner posts.

  • Cameo Link: Create seamless connections between Cameo fencing lines during installation or repairs.

The Cameo Advantage

  • Convenience: The Cameo 1000 Piece Hex Screw Kit provides a one-stop solution for all your Cameo fencing screw needs.

  • Quality and Strength: High-quality materials and a focus on durability ensure these screws will hold strong for years to come.

  • Value: The bulk quantity and included nut driver offer exceptional value for your Cameo fencing project.

Invest in the Cameo 1000 Piece Hex Screw Kit and experience the benefits of a secure, long-lasting Cameo Horse Fence. Order yours today!

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