CAMEO Horse Fencing 3000 Ft

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Cameo fencing is a metal-free white-line monofilament of nylon-based UV-stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing. At 4mm in diameter (approximately 1/8"), Cameo fencing is strong, durable, yet flexible, ensuring your horse's safety. Cameo fencing was engineered to be the safest horse fence on the market and has been officially dubbed “The Safe Horse Fence.” Although Cameo has a breaking strength of 1200 lbs, its safety comes from its metal-free flexibility and elasticity. Should your horse find itself wrapped up in Cameo, its flexibility gives your horse the ability to free itself and do it injury-free! The elasticity ensures that your Cameo fence will conform to its original position. Not only is Cameo “The Safe Horse Fence,” but it also provides an aesthetically pleasing fence line and adds value to any property. It is one of the most affordable horse fence options on the market, so do not be fooled by other “like Cameo” options or imitators; there is only one Cameo horse fencing system. 

A Virginia Tech study found that metallic wire and non-forgiving fence materials caused 63% of all horse fence injuries. 33 to 60% of those injuries were deemed severe and required veterinary care. If you care for your horse's safety, nothing compares to Cameo, The Safe Horse Fence.

Note: Cameo is a neutral fencing option for the electric version; see Cameo Pulse.

3,000 Feet of Freedom and Security: Cameo Horse Fencing

Empower your horses to roam freely within a safe and secure haven. Cameo Horse Fencing offers a massive 3,000-foot spool of its innovative monofilament line, providing exceptional strength, flexibility, and a breeze of an installation process. This extensive roll is ideal for large pastures, eliminating the need for multiple purchases and ensuring you have enough fencing to create the perfect environment for your horses.

Why Choose Cameo?

  • Unmatched Safety: Cameo prioritizes your horse's well-being. Its unique monofilament line flexes under pressure, eliminating the "cheese cutter effect" of traditional metal fences. This significantly reduces the risk of entanglement and injuries, keeping your horses safe while they play, graze, and explore.

  • Superior Strength & Flexibility: Don't be fooled by Cameo's flexibility. Despite yielding slightly under pressure, it boasts a remarkable 1,200lb breaking strength. This combination ensures a durable and reliable barrier that gives way harmlessly to impact, then returns to its original position.

  • Long-Lasting Beauty: The clean white line creates a visually-appealing fence line that blends seamlessly with your landscape, maintaining its aesthetics for years to come.

  • Effortless Installation: Cameo is a breeze to install on various post materials (wood, vinyl, metal, or PVC) thanks to the user-friendly One Way Vise system. The 3,000-foot spool minimizes the need for frequent line breaks and connections, further simplifying the installation process.

Tailored Fencing Options

  • Strength and Visibility: Choose 5-6 lines spaced 12 feet apart for a strong and highly visible barrier.

  • Combined Approach: Opt for 3-4 Cameo lines combined with 1-2 Maxi-Grunt electric lines (sold separately) for added security and training. The extensive footage of the 3,000-foot spool allows for greater flexibility in customizing your fence line with both options.

Additional Resources:

For detailed installation instructions check out our Cameo Horse Fencing BROCHURE!

Invest in your horse's safety and create a beautiful space for them to thrive. Order your 3,000-foot roll of Cameo Horse Fencing today!

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