Cyclops AC

Plug In and Battery Models.

  • Strongest Plug In and Battery Energizers available
  • Beats New Zealand imports on price and performance
  • Strongest Lightning protection in the world
  • Built with the Best Quality parts
  • Built in the USA

Lightning is the number one enemy of fence energizers. Cyclops energizers have more lightning protection over 5000 joules of lightning protection in each fence energizer than any other energizer in the world.

Don't be fooled by mileage ratings that other energizers advertise. Always go by joule power rating. We have found over the years that most energizers when tested are at least 2 to 3 joules less then what the energizer is advertised as. All Cyclops energizers are the joule power rating that we advertise. For example, the 8 joule Cyclops Brute model actually stores 9.86 joules. All Cyclops energizers have a high efficiency transformer and are modular design for easy repair.

Low Impedance means it will maintain a controlling voltage even loaded with heavy vegetation.

All Cyclops energizers output a wide pulse which puts the hurt in the pulse. 

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