Which Fence System is Right for Your Horses

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We spend a lot of time testing, testing, and re-testing different fencing systems here at CAMEO. Our state-of-the-art flexible fencing line is designed to be low-maintenance, and we think it works best with posts and accessories that are low-maintenance, too.

When we evaluate horse fencing systems, we consider a variety of factors. Cost, installation, and longevity are all high on our list, but a fencing system needs to look good and require little maintenance, as well. Timeless Fence System t-posts check all the boxes.

Timeless Fence Systems + CAMEO Fencing Line

Specializing in predrilled t-posts. Timeless Fence System is a brand with a long history of quality in the fencing industry. And their products are made right here in the U.S.A.

Self-Insulating: Unlike many other options, Timeless fence posts are totally self-insulating and non-conductive. This construction makes them ideally suited for our combination of CAMEO fencing and Maxi Grunt electric.

Simple and Easy: Not only are Timeless Fence System t-posts easy to install (posts are pre-drilled every three inches), they’re virtually maintenance free. A satin-like finish means the end of fence painting for years to come.

Strength: Much like CAMEO fencing line, Timeless Fence products are designed to absorb impact and bounce back. Harmless to animals, but strong enough to withstand even the worst conditions.

Horse Fencing Products and Accessories

What kind of products does Timeless Fence supply? They offer a variety of fencing equipment ranging from compression-spring gate handles to post drivers, but CAMEO most often recommends the Timeless line of fence posts. Available in an array of sizes and shapes, Timeless t-posts are durable, attractive, and the perfect complement to CAMEO fencing products.

Our clients most often request information on Timeless’ predrilled T-Posts. Depending on client preference End and Corner Systems may also be applicable. We appreciate that these systems feature heavy-duty cross braces.

Ready to Find Out More?

CAMEO has been providing horse lovers with a safe, reliable alternative to traditional fencing for decades. We’re proud to partner with a company like Timeless Fence System that shares our values and our vision. When Timeless Fence System offers a limited lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship, you know you can count on it to work.

Do you have questions on post spacing, installation, or how to get started building a comprehensive horse containment system? CAMEO can help. Give our specialists a call today to work together on a customized horse fencing solution for your needs.

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