Maximize animal health, forage utilization, and producer profits.

Based in Lawrenceville, Virginia, CAMEO fencing is the regional marketing arm for SweetPro, offering EquiPride and EquiLix for horses and a full line for cattle and other livestock. 

SweetPro Supplement is known for its new nutritional technology that improves strength, performance and herd health for horses and livestock producers across the U.S and Canada.

Horses - Cattle - Dairy - Sheep - Goats - Bison


Horse and Cattle Owners Talk About SweetPro

Some of SweetPro's customers have shared their experiences of using our products in these unscripted videos captured around the country. Just click here to view.  You can also find video links contributed by owners on YouTube EquiPride or YouTube SweetPro Feeds.


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