About Lowline Angus

Wyndham Farm

     Why registered  Lowline Cattle for Beef Production?

Do you think about the quality of the beef you are eating? The majority of the commercial beef industry is directed towards a cost effective, predictable industry that requires little talent, and delivers a mediocre product. Breeders need to question their goals. Is cost effective production the primary goal, similar to that of fast food chains.

Efficiency is important but if it becomes the primary goal one can lose sight of what should be the purpose for breeding beef. Quality beef for the consumer. Lowline Angus Cattle are ideal for the producer who is concerned with both quality and profitability. Now is the time to raise superior quality beef for the discerning consumer.

  • Lowline Angus are small cattle that thrive on less feed intake thus lowering production costs.
  • They are ideal for small farms.
  • Homozygous black and polled.
  • Ideal carcass size for today's consumer.
  • Lowline Angus are an investment that may qualify you for a tax deduction. Check with your accountant.
  • Crossing your cattle with Lowline adds to the marketability of your locker beef business due to smaller carcass size.
  • 70 years of genetic selection for high quality and small size make them breed true - no genetic defects!  Lowline Angus are not dwarfs. They are in perfect proportion, just smaller, eye appealing, attractive cattle.


Breeding stock available!

Lowline cattle were developed from pure Angus stock in Australia and imported to North America in 1996. Wyndham Farms started with a base herd of registered ½ & ¾ blood females. Bred to a full blood Australian Lowline Bull the offspring from the ¾ bloods are registered ⅞ purebreds.


  • Ideal for small acreage
  • Easier to handle
  • Finish on grass
  • Black and polled
  • Market for breeding stock


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Lowline Cattle are 
Small Cattle
3 Lowline to 1 Standard Size Bovine Per Acre.