Coated Wire

Coated Wire, Electric and Non Electric

Non-Electric - Coated Wire
1320 ft., 
wt. 68 lbs. 
$ 169.95

Available in white, black or brown

Made from high strength USA 200 12½ gauge wire as the core and is coated with high quality UV-resistant plastic. Overall thickness is approximately.  .3 inch


Electric Coated Wire
1320 ft., wt  68 lbs. 
$ 179.95

Available in white, black or brown

The core is 12½" gauge wire and conductive black plastic that comes to the surface in 3 narrow lines that can be electrified. The remaining surface is UV-resistant plastic.

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Coated Line Options

440 Rail and Line

440  Pipe and Cameo Fence Line


Ponderosa Rail and Line

Ponderosa Rail and Cameo Fence Line