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Aluminum Electric
Fence Wire

An electric fence that is getting more attention of late is the Aluminum Wire Electric Fence Line. The smaller gauge lines 17, 16, or 14 ga. have been around for a long time. But we are seeing more of the 12½ and 9 ga. Aluminum Wire being used in permanent fencing.

This user friendly wire will not rust - is easy to install and conducts electricity 4 times better than steel wire. Important to remember – moving electricity through wire is like moving water through a pipe and that is where 12½ and 9 ga. Aluminum Wire excel. More power moves through to the end of your fence as well as being stronger than the smaller ga.. Aluminum Wire has more flexibility than the same size steel wire therefore more forgiving for your flight animals, such as horses, deer, etc. Although, we still prefer to see a site line incorporate into your fence when fencing for horses – if doing a lot of fencing Aluminum Wire maybe the cost effect option for you.

The installation of Aluminum Wire does not require any special bracing. For easy installation or repair use the vise, link and gripple hardware we offer on our website at http://cameofencing.com/wire_fence.htm

Aluminum Wire Fencing

  • This user friendly wire will not rust and is easy to install.
  • Conducts electricity four times better than steel wire
  • Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel
  • Greater flexibility. Can be hand twisted and tied without use of special tools
12½ ga. Aluminum Wire   9 ga. Aluminum Wire
9 ga. Aluminum Wire   16 ga. Aluminum Wire
1320 ft. $ 49.00  Add to Cart     100 ft. $  6.25  Add to Cart
2640 ft. $ 97.50  Add to Cart   1320 ft. $ 31.95 Add to Cart
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