Step-In Posts

For temporary fencing   -    rotational grazing

Quick and Convenient

Step-in post 48 inch   Step-in post 63 inch   Red Pigtail Step-in post
 36 inch Red Pigtail Step-in post
 36 inch

Step-in post
48 inch 
Box of 50 - 
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Step-in post
63 inch overall, 
54" above ground

Box of 30 - 

Plus an additional oversize charge from UPS $9.90

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Red Pigtail Step-in post
36 inch 
Holds electric line 
30" from ground

pkg.  of 10 $22.50
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Click here to view Electric Lines for Rotational Grazing and/or Temporary Fencing



Hardware for Polywire

Stafix Value Reels
Stafix Value Reel
  • Holds up to 1650 ft twine
    or 660 ft. Polytape
  • Carry handle, rewind crank
    and ratchet lock
  • Rugged steel and
    plastic construction
  • $31.95
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Stafix Geered Reel
Stafix Geered Reel
  • 3:1 gear ratio for
    quick easy rewind
  • Holds up to 1640 ft,
    twine or 656 ft. Polytape
  • $59.95
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Gate Handles
Gate Handles
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Bunji Gates
Bunji Gate
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