Mule Post Pricing

4 ft High Mule Corner & End Systems  
A4C  Mule Double Brace Corner System
36 lbs, $169.95
A4E  -  Mule Single Brace End System
23 lbs, $119.00
5 ft High Mule Corner & End Systems  

A5C – Mule Double Brace Corner System, 48 lbs, $211.00

A5E – Mule Single Brace End System, 30 lbs., $133.00
Installation Tools  

A1TL – Mule Auger Anchor Install Hand Tool, 8.5lbs., $58.95

Mule Auger Anchor Install Hand Tool

Sunguard coated white fiberglass line posts - predrilled
1/2" x 4 ft,$ 2.75
11/16 x 4 ft., $ 4.60
11/16 x 5 ft.,$ 5.65 
5 1/2" Cotter pin clip
pkg of 100, $11.95  
2" U-Clips for drilled corner posts pkg. of 20, $ 3.75
Additional post sizes available upon request
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Mule Posts

We think "The Mule Fiberglass Corner and End Systems" are the ultimate Mule Posts, Easy Installationcorner and end posts. They are strong, attractive, easy to install, non- conductive, non-corrosive and will last a very-very long time with no attention or maintenance. There is the added benefit that you do not have to dig a hole to install them. The Mule Corner and End Systems can be used for all equine fencing projects, and also with regular 12.5 hi-tensile wires for cattle fencing.

The Mule System is extremely easy to install. The fiberglass members are approximately 2" diameter with about a 1/4" wall thickness. They are very stout. Everything is pre-drilled and ready to put together. Just follow the simple steps. The vertical corner post is also pre-drilled with 2" on center hole spacing, you then use a 2" U clip to hold the line from moving up or down on the post. The hardware pack includes bushings that slide inside the bottoms of the vertical and angle braces - then attach to the auger. The angle braces attach to the vertical posts via galvanized clamps that secure in place. This corner can easily be installed on hillsides or uneven terrain.

Mule Post Line Options

Below is pictured a simple gateway, using Mule ends and electrified Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braid with standard gate handles or Bunji gates.
mule post gateway

Mule Ends and Coners

Mule Corner Post

Mule corner post

Sunguard Line Post
pasturepro posts with CAMEO fence line