Composite Posts

PasturePro composite posts are flexible and animal friendly. The lack of sharp edges reduces the risk of injury to your horse in the event of impact.  Using "CAMEO" monofilament and an electric line or all electric lines provides an economical, flexible and safe fencing solution for your horses and livestock.

The use of an electric line allows for 16 ft. spacing of your PasturePro line post. 


PasturePro posts are available in 4 colors, white, black, hickory and cedar. (color may vary from photo)

White Composite Post Hickory Composite Post Tan Composite Post Black Composite Post
White Cedar Hickory Black



PasturePro posts come in a range of sizes listed below.
Larger diameters offer better strength, visibility and aesthetics and are recommended for horse fencing.

Diameter  Price
1.125" x 4 ft $4.15
1.125" x 4.5 ft $4.66
1.25" x 5 ft. $6.39
1.25" x 5.5 ft. $7.04
1.25" x 6 ft. $7.68
1.5" x 5 ft. $8.28
1.5" x 5.5 ft. $9.11
1.5" x 6 ft. $9.94
1.625" x 6 ft. $11.41


Friendly Materials. Easy Installation.

PasturePro posts are a wood-plastic composite which is non-conductive.  They are formed by a patented process to withstand extreme weather and allows the post to flex on impact. There is no fiberglass, no PVC or hazardous material which makes them ideal for use with horses, livestock and on organic operations. Posts are easy to install with a t-post pounder. The aid of a Pilot Driver makes easier work in tough or rocky soils.

Rope Clips / Cotter Pins

 Rope clips are recommended for use with "CAMEO" and electric lines.  (25 per bag, screws included - white or black)

Lines can also be attached with a cotter pin through a drilled hole. Posts do not come pre-drilled. We recommend drilling at the time of installation. This will allow for hole spacing options where there are changes in terrain.

IRCW 2013 IRCB 2013 1 cotter pins 1
Rope Clips/White Rope Clips/Black Cotter Pins
25/pk $5.75 25/pk $5.75

14 guage, 5.5"
100/pk $7.50

12.5 guage, 5.5"
100/pk $7.50


No Sharp Edges.

The combination of rope clips and line posts creates a much safer alternative over traditional t-posts.

Simple Installation.

The rope clips are made to withstand the elements and are attached with two small stainless steel screws.

PasturePro posts are driven with a manual post driver, like those used for driving steel t-posts. Or the Grasshopper Driver.

In rocky or compacted soils, a pilot driver is recommended.

installation drive 2 grasshopper 1
Pilot Driver
Grasshopper Driver

 Please call 800-822-5426 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request shipping quote.


To Order Your Posts Call:

Call 1 800-822-5426 for a shipping quote and to place your order.

CAMEO - Composite Posts

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