Reasons to buy
Maxi Grunt
Electric Fencing

  • Easy to install electric fence system
  • Made of high density, virgin, pure polyethylene ¼ inch diameter - 200% thicker than standard polywire,  the largest diameter white polywire available - this product has a 30 year track record.
  • Stainless steel strands woven on the outside of Maxi Grunt for high conductivity and maximum discharge
  • UV stabilized.
  • The absolute best polywire in the market -
  • Be sure to request samples
  • 3 to 4 lines for a visible fence
  • Less wind resistance equals less maintenance
  • Breaking strength  740 lbs. resulting in less injury
  • One line is adequate for rotational grazing
  • Use in combination with "CAMEO" fencing
  • We have all the supplies to complete your electric installation.
  • 660 ft. rolls  $49.95 

Maxi Grunt Electric Fence Line

Maxi Grunt is the largest diameter true polywire made of the highest quality pure polyethylene. Made in the USA with 9 strands of .007m(inch) stainless steel.

Maxi-Grunt and Standard-Polywire comparison

The polyethylene is UV stabilized for longevity and woven with stainless steel stands toMaxi Grunt and metal posts carry the charge.  Stainless steel has proven to outlast copper or tinned cooper in the elements.  3 or 4 lines of Maxi Grunt is a visible fence which is our most reasonably priced, top quality, permanent electric fence.

Maxi Grunt is also a popular choice to use in combination with our "CAMEO" non-electric  monofilament line.

660 ft. rolls  $49.95

Roll of Maxi Grunt

Installed at Ohio State University Equine Center - Dublin, Ohio since 2008.

Used again when adding new fencing in 2013. Thank you Ohio State.

Maxi Grunt installed at Ohio State University Equine Center - Dublin, Ohio








Hardware for Electric
Fence Installation

Triple Jumper Leads
Triple Jumper LeadsUse to make power connection
between electric lines.  
Eliminates the use of a switch.
1 per pkg.     $ 9.95

The use of the u-clamp insures a good connection wire to wire.
$ .50 ea.

 Electric Line Connector
Electric Line Connector

The screw in the center of the connector loosens so the line fits inside. When the screw is tightened the line is held secure.

$ .95 ea.

2 Bolt Clamp

2 Bolt Clamp

Pkg. of 3, $3.75

Split Bolt Clamp
pkg. 3
  $2.75 per pkg.

Corner and End post insulator

Corner and End post insulator holds polywire, braid or "CAMEO" fencing.  Consists of a plated steel bracked, insulator and locking nut.

$1.65 each