Braided Electric Lines

Both our Maxi Braid lines are approx. ¼ inch in diameter. This larger diameter is achieved by braiding material over a core. The outer material is braided with the conductive strands of stainless steel. These products are intended to use on their own or in combination with "CAMEO" fencing for a permenant fence. 3 or 4 lines provide an excellent site line and electrified the deterrent to teach your animals to stay off the fence.  Installed and used correctly this electric fencing offers a safe, good looking fence for horses and other livestock. Electric lines can be installed on your choice of posts. A great choice is the 2" round x 6 ft. pre-drilled vinyl post or Mule Posts.


Maxi Braid 8045

MB 8045 -  White polyester braid, 7 - .007m(inch) strands of stainless steel 

MADE in the USA              

600 ft. $ 64.95

Maxi Braid 8055

MB 8055 –  White polyethylene braid, 12 - .007m(inch) strands of stainless steel   

MADE in the USA

660 ft. $ 99.95

Hardware for Electric
Fence Installation

Triple Jumper Leads
Triple Jumper LeadsUse to make power connection
between electric lines.  
Eliminates the use of a switch.
1 per pkg.     $ 9.95

The use of the u-clamp insures a good connection wire to wire.
$ .50 ea.

 Electric Line Connector
Electric Line Connector

The screw in the center of the connector loosens so the line fits inside. When the screw is tightened the line is held secure.

$ .95 ea.

2 Bolt Clamp

2 Bolt Clamp

Pkg. of 3, $3.75

Split Bolt Clamp
pkg. 3
  $2.75 per pkg.

Corner and End post insulator

Corner and End post insulator holds polywire, braid or "CAMEO" fencing.  Consists of a plated steel bracked, insulator and locking nut.

$1.65 each