Livestock Fly Repellents

PyGanic PyGanic - is an ORGANIC product sold as a concentrate to be mixed with CT Neutral Oil or your choice of light mineral oil with viscosity of 7-13.
32 oz., $ 55.95
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Neutral-Oil-Backrubbers-2CT Neutral Oil
$ 29.95   2.5 gallons
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Neutral oil is a base to mix with concentrate. Click here for applicator information

Prozap Backrubber and Pour-on XtraProzap Backrubber and Pour-on Xtra
2.5 gallons  - $ 45.95
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Prozap® Pour-on Xtra Ready-to-use Formulation (Synergized) 

Permethrin  .125% PBO  Apply to Dairy and Beef Cattle, Swine - controls  Flies, Mosquitos, Lice and Ticks.

Synergized means – two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.PBO – makes flies move around more to help stop fly resistance. For use with the Fly Killer Kover Mineral Feeder, Prozap E-ZE oiler or your oiler.

Prozap .125%Prozap .125%
Pour-On  2.5 gallons - $ 38.95
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Prozap® .125% Backrubber and Ready-to-use Formulation .125% Permethrin.Apply to Dairy and Beef Cattle, and Swine. Controls  Flies, Lice, Mosquitoes & Ticks.

E-ZE Prozap Oiler

E-ZE Prozap Oiler
$ 73.95 ea.  Add to Cart

Replacement Wicks - $ 14.95 ea
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